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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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>> true, the past few week ss have not been feeling like winter, but we are tracking a storm that could bring more than rain. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai, and we head
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over to jeff with the forecast? >> with well, we will see the clouds increasing here over the bay area, and spotty showers, and the storm day is not going to get here until saturday when we will see the rainfall pick up and of course more on the timing and the intensity coming up, but there is a second component to this, and the colder air from napa today to 64 tomorrow, and 60 by saturday and cold air here means frigid for sierra and a winter advisory and we will talk about the skill level and how much more we expect to pick up, and the time line of the rain and the the impact on the morning commute, and the coverage continues at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow morning at "today in the bay." we are following breaking news in the mission district where streets are closed right now, and at 24th, and folsom as witnesses say they heard four or five gunshots. no word on who was shot.
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we have a crew arriving on the scene, and we will update the story as new information is available. >> we have an emergency landing when a medical chopper was headed to san francisco with a patient on board when a pilot reported a mechanical issue with the chopper. it could have been related to a bird strike. the pilot landed in a field p next to a super market. the patient made it to san francisco via ambulance instead. >> in a killing in hercules they say that a man was casing the neighborhood carrying a fake bb gun. they say that mr. carr went inside with a man and a woman, and at some point he got into a loud argument and the man was found with packing tape wrapped
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around his head, bu t tt the woman was found with packing tape the around her head, but she was alive. he is now charged with homicide and attempted homicide. >> she kept the secret dark for years. now a young girl says that she says she was sexually assaulted, and now police have arrested a man connected to her day care. cheryl hurd, cases like this usually means there is usually multiple victims and that is what the police say. if you have a story about the man that you aren't a to see, the -- are about to see the police want to hear from you. >> reporter: this is the man that police arrested yesterday afternoon carson bartolomucci. >> the girl contacted the the
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police on the 12th of february to report that her daughter had been sexually assaulted and started when she was 10. >> reporter: police say that the molestation went on for a year at a day care operation at these apartments. >> the child spent a lot of time over at paradise and the nights and weekends. the suspect was the boyfriend of the day care provider. >> reporter: and it was reported that he would sexually assault her after the girlfriend went to work. >> now she is 13 and braver and has more courage to tell her mother. >> reporter: and he was taken into custody at the apartment complex where he lives with the provider. police are concerned there may be more victims. >> we need to make the children feel safe, and they should not have to go through it and should not have to go through it alone.
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>> police are saying that if the day care facility whether it was licensed or not, the suspect is facing sexual exploitation of a child. reporting live in hercules bay aerear ya news. >> thank you, cheryl. and now, the man who caused the southern california train to derail is not going to be charged for now. today, the man was released from jail, and he drove the train on to the truck to cause the crash, and the lawyer says that he got stuck, and left it to go look for help. the city says that they are wait forg waiting for the investigation to determine what killed two people.
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a preliminary report released today says 20-day-old jeffrey rees had no sign of trauma, and still they want to know how he ended up in that the area. he was found after the woman was found tuesday screaming hysterically and her car was found nearby. a warning for uc berkeley women. a man is going around grabbing women. a woman says a young man walked up to her and grabbed the breasts. she reported the grab right away, but a search turned up no one. >> first, there was an arrest of two men who ran away from park rangers on the marin side of the golden gate bring. they went down the cliff, and got stuck. now you can see they had to call in a helicopter to rescue the
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pair. they were arrested for suspicion of vandalizing historic military property. if you ask google they run mountain view, and they are about to announce the plans for the google plex. it is big and kon e trover shall. and peggy is what isissue? >> well, the issue is that google continues to expand, and where are all of the new e employees going to live and how do they get there? they are going to hand over the plans to expand and reportedly the plan is going to expand on a green and environmentally new campus to use housing as way to cutback on the traffic. >> reporter: new expansion plans for google has mountain view in a tough location as they accommodate for the new corporate taxpayer and those
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who feel that google is going to share in -- shrink their area. the plan focuses on those who are walking or biking to work. >> we are expecting to have house manage the area that will reduce the amount of numbers of vehicles traveling. >> and there is a mobile home park and a growing number of google employees are moving in. >> they are here already. >> reporter: and this man says that a number of the neighbors have brought the property values up. >> before it was pret the ti low, but now, yeah it has brought it up pretty much.
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>> reporter: and with the higher prices prices, they have to move. >> well, we have to get out of here, because it is too expensive for what i do and my husband does, and we have to get out of here. >> reporter: and the higher housing is forcing some out and benefiting some. >> it is making me question the high-tech growth. >> and some say that they are working with them and not against them, and they are looking at moffett deal where they would get in and leave on the bus, but really the focus is new housing, and someing that the mountainview city council turned down last year. i'm peggy bunker. >> thank you. another measles alert from b.a.r.t. they are saying that more than 1,000 people may have been exposed to the virus in the commute. last friday, an infected person
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rode the train, and this is the fourth confirmed measles case which brings the total number of bay area cases to 17. and the number of state wide cases to 127. if you have been vaccinated there very little risk of contracting the virus. surveillance video are from the san francisco community bus in a police officer in unkom uncomfortable spotlight. the video shows an officer attempting to get the homeless man off of the bus. the sleeping man is pushed off of the bus and moved with his baton. the san francisco police chief says that he is standing by the arrest saying that the man would not move and arguing and the man refused to get off of the bus and came after the police officer. >> in modesto, a couple is fearing the the worst.
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r oshgsomel, and sharlet are concerned that the village that his their son will be used as human shields by isis. >> we have not heard anything from them. >> and we pray for him and intervention, but we ultimately fear the absolute worst. the unthinkable. >> neighbors and friends are planning a candlelight vigil, and they are hoping that showing attention will bring results. >> and now, why they are too dialing for a repairman?
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>> do you know why they touched off a storm and worldwide debate. i'm jeff ranieri. we are looking for snow this time around, and we will talk about how much we may pick up in a few minutes. in the mission district police are investigating an officer-involved shooting on 24th and folsom and you can see that a lot of streets are closed. the neighbors hearts gunshots at 9:30 this evening. we have a crew on the scene, and we will update you as the information is available.
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. our new area code is leading to problems, because the 628 is unable to connect. we have a report on the communication breakdown. >> reporter: hundreds of apart apartment and business building intercoms in san francisco are not connecting. >> this call requires that you dial a 1 or zero in the area
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code. >> reporter: they are telling you to redial. the new area code tells you to redial, because they need to reprogram. >> we thought it would allow for the 11 digit, but it won't. >> reporter: and now most managers are having to post numbers explain inging. >> i assume they will call, because i gave them the number. but it is not a huge deal. >> reporter: it is a good thing that he doesn't mind, because it might take a while to fix the hangup. >> well, it is months, because we are booked. >> reporter: and technicians like kevin reid are in high demand trying to replace or reprogram the intercom systems as fast as they can. >> we have got five technicians and they are all booked everyday 9:00 to 5:00 for the next three
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weeks. >> reporter: and in some cases the fix will be flexibility, and technicians can fix the systems to dial any number. >> and it is the issue of upgrading to dial any number rare than the four or five numbers. >> reporter: welcomed new option that atkins will have to wait longer for. jeanne ellie, nbc way area news. well the wait and the new systems are not cheap. the technicians say that replacing the system is $2,500. and now, a new change by the lgbt company is being praised. they are having a fill in the blank option to fill in their own gender identity including transgender box. >> sacrifice and smiles in the face of a deadly disease. a young boy fighting leukemia at
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sff hospital and his dad are teaching the nurses about the father of a dad. >> ian kole is showing us how they are managing. >> okay. i'm ready. >> reporter: when you meet kayden holmer, you will see the bundle of energy. if you show up that you want to film him, he will want to do it himself. these are the zoom skills he has, b uut you also might notice the feeding tube he has. he has autism, and 6 years old, and battling leukemia. >> i got a phone call saying that he has leukemia. >> reporter: his father casey is a single dad. >> i just tell to my knees. >> reporter: he has been transporting him back and forth to san francisco and their home in lake county.
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>> we have been living and staying in san francisco more than our own home which is okay, becausely do whatever i can for my son. >> and back home the community is rallying around him, and the bus driver is raising money for the traveling costs, and hoping that others will join in. >> i wanted to ease the burden off of the father. he is worth the effort of pouring money into the lives and help them. >> but luckily kayden's prognosis is a good one. he is going to immediate more chemotherapy rounds, but they say that he is a ray of sunshine. >> it is always great to see him, because he is a ray of sunshine. >> i want to be a cameraman. i want the take a picture. >> reporter: or an akctor. and surely he will be noticed. ian kole nbc bay area news. >> and the way he loves to bon tv, he should be a news anchor. >> we will hire you on the spot.
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kayden, you have the job. and now, jeff, things are changing around here. >> yes, they are. a few signs that the storm system is getting closer. we have a storm system blowing in with 40-mile-an-hour winds. and waves up to eight or nine feet. as we go right into the forecast, we are not expect inging a huge deluge of the wet weather into the commute, and you may hit a few spotty showers, and hit the windshield wipers but what you will notice is the wind increase and for the south bay, 47 and the storm system has not move d moved that much over the last 24 hours, and although it is the pacific northwest, and it is going to dive down to the coastline, and do a few things besides the clouds and the cooler temperatures, it is going to bring the temperatures and uplift to produce some isolated
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thunderstorms, and let's take it to the goods here and the future cast, and you will see it again for the tomorrow morning at 8:00, it is going to be green spotty nature and it is not go going to be force, because it is going to be cloudier and it is going to be the forecast because you can see it at 10:00 at night, a chance for spotty showers, and saturday, that is the day when we will becan gin to see the activity bubbling up at the e peninsula, and the south bay down to san jose at 8:00 in the morning. as we continue through saturday by the afternoon, this is the time slot from 1:00 to 5:00 w, we will pick up the most potential from the storm system. so, it is a brief window, but that is what we are looking at. and as we go into the microcast climb, it is the temperatures are from, and down into the 60s, and then into los gatos and the
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jackets, and you will need the layers. and downtown the marina at 59. and now for the tri valley, we go into the upper 70s of nasa and down to 63 for tomorrow. and now across the east bay, more spotty showers in the tri valley where we won't forecast any, and it will be cooler. the trend again, the possibility of showers friday, and better chance of accumulated rainfall, and isolated rainfall sunday. and then by monday, we will see a spinner of the system moving in with the possibility of showers. and we will end with this but the totals are looking great. we are seeing kirkwood with up to 18 inches which is the jackpot. that is not a paid sponsor hip.
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>> all right. >> and now, the internet is taken over by some llamas on the loose, and there is a debate over the dress, too. >> and we have jimmy. >> raj and jessica and everybody in the bay area we have to have you join us tonight.
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an oscar gown gone, and now the police are on the case. and lupita wore a calvin klein gown down the red carpet with pearls on it but then it disappear eded from a west hollywood hotel room. it had been adorned with rare pearls. the police believe that is why it was stolen. and now, is the dress blue and black or is the dress gold and white?
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a woman posted a photo of this dres dres, and asked, what color is it it? millions can not say. it has to do with the lighting, and people are going to compensate, and it is the camera lenses and people who say, blue and black, they are compensating for the lighting and it is clear as day that it is blue. >> it is blue. >> yes, we agree. >> and so there sis no debate. >> the one on my phone was blue and black. i wanted to clarify that. >> and now stay tuned for the sharks and the warriors when we come back.
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good evening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sportscenter sportscenter. tonight, it could be a nba finals preview with the golden state warriors, and the cavaliers. lebron james was very good. and now, beyond the arc, and looking automatic, and the fadeaway from the top of the circle bottoms. lebron with a season high 42
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point, and steph curry with 18 of 5 of 17 shoot ging, and steve kerr's face says it all, the warriors lose 110-99. >> the pac-12 better late than ever showing for stanford and oregon state at maples. give peyton style points there on the two-handed slam. and mou, in the second half chasson randle part of the 13-point cardinal run they win, and cruise 78-45 in the final. and now, in the the second period tied 1-1, and patrick marleau able to finish his 13th of the season, and puts them in front. and now late in the third, and we are tied 3-3, and now beating anty
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antti niemi loses that one, and they lose. and now, buster posey is not taking anything for granted. >> well, it is important to appreciate the championship and any time you are reckognized by the fans, it is really cool. >> congrats to b what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months.
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plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit
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llamas on the lam, get it? a pair of llamas escaped in arizona, but it seems that everybody was following the chase across the nation thanks to constant twitter updates a ap and how cute they rare. they escaped lassos and police and in the spare time they launched a twitter account. >> yes, i will follow them. >> have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- james spader. margot robbie.


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